Space. Microworld. Knowledge book (two-volume edition)

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For children of primary and secondary school age
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A two-book set, "Space. Microworld" is an excellent opportunity to introduce a child to the basics of biology and astronomy. The set includes two illustrated encyclopedias, and each one will reveal many secrets of the surrounding world to a young reader.

Invisible World. Knowledge book
This book tells about the microworld and its tiny inhabitants. Reading it, a child learns about the structure of the cell and of bacteria, and learns the basics of using a microscope by conducting simple biological experiments. This encyclopedia is an excellent study aid for a beginner microbiologist.

Space. Non-empty emptiness. Knowledge book
With this book, a young reader will become an expert on outer space. The child will be acquainted with the structure of the Solar system; will learn everything about the planets, the Moon and the Sun; and learn to distinguish between meteors and meteorites. The book also tells about deep-sky objects and the basics of astronomical observations.

The encyclopedias are written in a lively and easy-to-read language – the core audience of the book is children over 6 years old. Each book contains many colorful illustrations and useful practical information – and instructions for conducting simple scientific experiments at home.

AuthorInvisible World: O. Mazur
Space. Non-empty emptiness: O. Mazur, D. Savchin
Size252x252 mm
Number of pagesInvisible World: 96
Space. Non-empty emptiness: 144
PublisherLevenhuk Press
Year of release2017