Bresser Prepared Slides Set 50pcs, with case

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Comes in a wooden box
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Prepared slides are ready made conserved preparations. For high contrast the most of them are stained.

The prepared slides are marked with english and german descriptions. A printed list of the contents is included.

The kit includes:

  • 50 prepared slides
  • Wooden box
The slides set includes:
1 Penicillium, W.M. 26 Small Intestine, C.S.
2 Croton stellatopilosus 27 Lymph Node, Sec.
3 Fern Leaf, Sec. 28 Spinal Cord, C.S.
4 Pine Leaf, C.S. 29 Ciliated Epithelium, Sec.
5 Corn Stem, C.S. 30 Testis, Sec.
6 Corn Stem, L.S. 31 Ant, W.M.
7 Helianthus Stem, L.S. 32 Butterfly Wing, W.M.
8 Hydrilla Stem, L.S. 33 Honey Bee Hind Leg, W.M.
9 Vicia Dicot Leaf, W.M. 34 Butterfly Antennular, W.M.
10 Pollen, W.M. 35 Musca Leg, W.M.
11 Plasmodesma, Sec. 36 Mosquito Leg, W.M.
12 Leaf of Winter Jasmine, C.S. 37 Spirogyra, W.M.
13 Allium Scale Epidermis, W.M. 38 Spirogyra Conjugation, W.M.
14 Paramecium, W.M. 39 Euglena, W.M.
15 Hydra, W.M. 40 Blood, Fish Smear
16 Daphnia, W.M. 41 Lichenrons Ox, Sec.
17 Rotifer, W.M. 42 Potato, Sec.
18 Frog Egg, Sec. 43 Basswood Stem, C.S.
19 Blood Smear Human 44 Letter e
20 Fish Scale, W.M. 45 Planaria, C.S.
21 Blood Smear Chicken 46 Skin of Frog, W.M.
22 Skeletal Muscle, C.S. 47 Honey Bee, Mouth Parts, W.M.
23 Smooth Muscle Teased Prep. 48 Liver, Sec.
24 Motor Neorous Cell, W.M. 49 Dense Bone, Sec.
25 Stomach, Sec. 50 Clam Gill C.S.
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