NEW from Discovery: the extraordinary Star Sky astroplanetarium projectors

Dear visitors and customers!

We are pleased to present several new products by the Discovery brand. The Star Sky astroplanetarium is a combination of a spectacular design and functionality, providing the opportunity to admire the starry sky in all its glory right in your house. These astroplanetariums will set the special cosmic vibe for home relaxation or family activities, festive or themed parties as well as photo or video creation!

The series includes two planetariums with LED stars and constellation projectors with different functionalities. The Discovery Star Sky P5 Planetarium model has control buttons placed on the base of the planetarium. Color selectable projection lights are available as an option. The advanced model Discovery Star Sky P7 Planetarium comes with a remote control: the device can be remote controlled without getting off the couch. The wide range of functions: brightness control, timer, and rotation options are available. The built-in rechargeable battery enables the device’s wireless mode.

You can check the full range of Discovery products here.

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