How to entertain your schoolkids during a quarantine?

It feels boring to stay at home, especially if you are a teenager. Time goes by fast when you are busy doing homework and learning online, but the rest of the day often lasts longer than ever. It would be great to spend some entertaining leisure time and have more fun. Still, parents do not want their children to waste time playing computer games or watching movies. So, how to keep a teenager entertained during a quarantine? Of course, offer smart entertainment! Now, we will tell you about it.

Smart entertainment means fun and useful activity. It should be fascinating, unusual, and new. Telescopes, microscopes, and educational sets are just what a teenager needs. By the way, adults will also enjoy working with optical tools.

Microscope for a schoolkid

A microscope is a perfect option. First of all, it does not take up much space: it can be easily put on a teenager’s desk next to their textbooks and workbooks. Secondly, it is easy to operate. Finally, a microscope will solve the problem of how to entertain a schoolkid at home during a quarantine. This is not just activity for a couple of hours, but rather a hobby for many days, weeks, or even years (of course, it depends on each kid’s interest). We recommend buying a microscope with an included experiment kit or even buy several sets with ready-to-use microscope slides. By using a Levenhuk or Bresser smartphone adapter, you can take photos of the micro world with your smartphone.

Telescope for a teenager

It may seem that you cannot use a telescope in a city apartment. That is not true. If you have a balcony, the question of where to put a telescope does not exist. Moreover, there are tabletop telescopes, which you can easily put on a windowsill, or on a desk near a window. That is why one more option of how to entertain a teenager at home during a quarantine is exploring space!

So, we recommend the following tabletop models for a teenager: Bresser National Geographic 114/500, Bresser Messier 5” Dobsonian, and Meade LightBridge Mini 130mm Telescope.

Interesting full-size models that are easy to manage: Levenhuk Skyline BASE 70T, Bresser Arcturus 60/700 AZ, and Meade Infinity 70mm.

All of these options are just some of a list of answers to the question “How to entertain a teenager during a quarantine?” Our shop assistants are always ready to help you make a good choice: contact us and we will help you keep your children entertained during this quarantine!

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April 2020

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