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Zoom’n’Joy: optical equipment store

Zoom’n’Joy is an e-store and a network of specialized retail stores selling optical devices and instruments. In our stores, you can check out the goods you are interested in as well as consult experts in optical equipment. We provide a wide selection of high-quality optical products by the best brands: Levenhuk, Discovery, Bresser, Meade, Nikon, Celestron, Sky-Watcher, etc. In our stores, you can find over 40 models of telescopes, 30 models of microscopes, 120 models of binoculars as well as other optical instruments, such as monoculars, laser range finders, spotting scopes, night vision devices and optical accessories.

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About the e-store

Zoom-n-joy.com is an e-store of optical instruments. Our catalogue provides a wide selection of optical equipment: microscopes for beginners and for professionals, telescopes of all known optical schemes for amateur and for professional stargazers, binoculars of various modifications. You can also find night-vision devices, magnifiers, laser range-finders, spotting scopes and other devices on our website pages. This equipment is developed by major manufacturers and is designed for active leisure as well as for effective work.

Zoom-n-joy.com specializes in selling high-quality optics that may be used for both work and hobbies, and is the best for personal use or as a gift.

Telescopes will raise the dark curtain off the star sky, and will allow you to glance into the heart of the universe and to be astounded by its infinity. Astronomy amateurs will appraise the licensed telescopes of famous brands like Bresser, Levenhuk, Discovery, Meade, Celestron, Sky-Watcher, etc.

Microscopes that you can find in our e-store can be used in laboratory research, and for educational or personal use. Our catalogue includes a variety of models: monocular, binocular, instrumental, educational microscopes as well as microscopes for kids.

Binoculars and spotting scopes will attract the attention of travellers, theatre-goers and those who love to scrutinise the tiniest details. Using scopes you will become able to considerably improve your opinion on the world around you. Did you know that, on a bright night, Andromeda nebula or big constellation can be watched even through mid-class binoculars?

In our zoom-n-joy.com e-store, you can also purchase various accessories for telescopes and microscopes - everything you might need to have your optical equipment functioning perfectly and long, and to conveniently and safely store it.

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