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Telescopes Levenhuk Ra

The Levenhuk Ra series is designed for professional astronomers. All of its models feature the highest quality optics and precise mechanics. Levenhuk Ra Telescopes deliver sharp, bright, and contrast image. They are perfect for visual observations and astrophotography. The series includes a wide range of apochromatic optical tubes, high-aperture Newton reflectors on the Dobsonian mount as well as several unique devices, a photo telescope, and Cassegrain reflector.

Levenhuk, Inc., USA
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Purchasing a telescope: how to choose the right instrument in the online store

We have the widest selection of telescopes from the leading world brands, including Levenhuk Telescopes, Bresser Telescopes, Meade Telescopes, Celestron Telescopes, Explore Scientific Telescopes, LUNT Telescopes, and Sky-Watcher Telescopes. The telescopes by these brands have long been recognized by amateurs and professionals in the field of astronomy. You will also find products by other well-known companies.

Of course, people buy telescopes to observe the stars and the Moon, the planets of the Solar System, and numerous mysterious terrestrial objects. In the Zoom’n’Joy online store, we specialize in selling telescopes and we are happy to help you choose a wonderful quality optical tool.

In this section, we have collected telescopes of all the models and brands and divided them into categories for your convenience. Depending on the optical design and mounting type, they are divided into refractors, reflectors, and catadioptric telescopes on equatorial, azimuth, and GoTo mounts. You can also choose a telescope for a child in a special section on our website.

If you are looking for your first telescope, you should pay attention to simple models for beginners. Choose a suitable optical instrument and compare the prices of entry-level telescopes in our catalog. You’ll find models with a great price/quality ratio – they can be great gifts for friends, family, or colleagues.

It is also important to choose accessories for telescopes correctly. It is not enough to only get a telescope: if you are really interested in exploring the starry sky, you cannot do so without additional accessories. The Zoom’n’Joy online store offers a wide range of telescope accessories that you’ll need. Barlow lenses and additional eyepieces significantly improve the properties of the telescope and allow for observing more with the same optical tool. For detailed studying of planets’ surfaces, you will need light filters. A more robust mount helps to eliminate vibrations in heavy telescopes at high magnification. The optics cleaning products ensure that the telescope remains functional for a long time and always delivers excellent sharp and vivid images. Zoom’n’ telescope store offers attractive prices for buying telescopes.

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