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Spotting Scopes

Most of the spotting scopes are designed for terrestrial observations but they provide up to 100x magnification. That is why spotting scopes are used for observing distant objects. The compact sizes of a spotting scope allow for their convenient transportation. In addition, high-aperture models can be compared to telescopes and deliver the stars to you in good quality.

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You will be impressed by the range of spotting scopes in the Zoom’n’Joy online store

Spotting scopes are optical instruments, most of which are designed for extended stationary observations. They are used in situations when binoculars cannot cope, enabling you to observe distant objects in detail. In this section, you will find spotting scopes by leading world-famous manufacturers. Each of them is capable of becoming a loyal assistant in solving various tasks – exploring wildlife, ornithology, observations, and more.

Spotting scopes can be divided into the following categories: children’s, souvenir, hunting, touristic, and also models for stationary observations.

Kids’ spotting scopes are designed especially for the youngest explorers. They are completely safe to use. It is unlikely that they will feature impressive optics, but they are perfect for observing the world around us at a small magnification. Buy spotting scopes in our store for landscape and urban observations.

Souvenir spotting scopes look amazing. These optical tools have a vintage design and look spectacular and unusual. They will be a perfect gift for a demanding customer.

However, the main assortment in our online store consists of spotting scopes for hunting, hiking, and stationary observations. They use roof or Porro prisms; the optical elements in most models are made of glass and the lenses feature one or several coatings, anti-reflective and protective coatings. Touristic spotting scopes feature compact sizes and light weight, and they are convenient to take with you when traveling. Hunting spotting scopes are suitable for detailed observing of landscapes; many models come with zoom objective lenses that allow for smoothly varying magnification. Models for stationary observations feature powerful magnification and always come with a tripod. Before buying a spotting scope, make sure to check out the Good to know section. You will find many useful reviews on spotting scopes.

It is worth mentioning that high-class spotting scopes also feature waterproof bodies and high resistance to temperature changes (their lenses do not fog up due to the nitrogen filling). Moreover, they enable performing observations in low illumination, e.g. during pre-dawn hours or in cloudy weather. You can buy spotting scopes in the online store and in the offline store as well.

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