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Photography Tripods and Monopods

A tripod is essential for comfortable observations. Mount a spotting scope on a tripod to free your hands and stabilize a delivered image. A tripod eliminates vibrations and makes an image sharper. Here, you will find specialized and standard photographic tripods.

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Find a perfect tripod for a telescope or binoculars in the Zoom’n’Joy store

Why do you need a tripod for a telescope tube or spotting scope? This irreplaceable accessory securely holds your optics and allows for capturing sharp and clear pictures during observations. A tripod also comes in handy if binoculars are too heavy for holding them in the hands, or in case they provide high magnification. What’s more, a tripod helps you avoid trembling hands and vibrations. In our online store, you can buy a tripod from the famous brands of optics manufacturers: Levenhuk, Bresser, and Meade.

We offer desktop and full-size floor stand tripods. The desktop tripods are compact and can be mounted on a table, windowsill, or even a coffee table. Regular desktop tripods are designed for lightweight binoculars, a monocular, or camera. This tripod does not take up much space: you can easily carry such an accessory in a backpack or even in a bag. You will not be caught off guard if you suddenly want to capture a picture or observe a bird nearby: place a tripod and mount an optical tool on it easily and quickly. In addition, desktop tripods are usually cheaper than the floor stand models.

The floor stand tripods sustain a weight of a heavy telescope tube, camera, spotting scope, or binoculars. It is an ideal assistant for observations outdoors. These tripods feature adjustable height: you can adapt it personally for each observer’s height for comfortable lengthy observations. It takes just a few minutes to set up a tripod and mount an optical tool on it. Floor stand tripods are universal: they can be used for daytime or nighttime observations, photo shoots, astronomy observations as well as birdwatching. With the help of a tripod, you will achieve a steady and clear image.

You will also need an adapter for attaching an optical instrument on a tripod. Adapters are also available for purchase in this section. Find a tripod of a desirable height and design by a famous brand of optical equipment in this section.

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