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Optics Cleaning Tools

Special optics care products are essential for keeping the optical elements clean. They also prolong the service life of your telescope. This section contains only quality accessories: cleaning spray, lens cleaning cloths, compressed air, and more. They provide careful and proper cleaning from dust, grease, and dirt. Moreover, modern optics cleaning tools neither leave lint nor damage optics anti-reflecting coatings.

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An optics cleaning set is a necessary accessory for the maintenance of an optical instrument. In order to ensure a long service life and deliver a sharp and saturated image for eyepieces and objective lenses, you need to provide proper maintenance.

Use only special solutions and wipes that do not damage the lenses, anti-reflection, and protective sprays for cleaning the optical surfaces. A liquid detergent or spray for optics cleaning allows for quickly removing grease, stains, and blotchiness, which distort an image. Soft pencils and small brushes are perfect for cleaning the lenses of fine dust. We recommend having a microfiber napkin on hand at all times. You can use it for the dry and wet cleaning of the optics and a microscope body.

If you are purchasing accessories for microscope maintenance for the first time, we recommend trying an optics cleaning set. Save money and buy several accessories in one set rather than buying separate items. The optics cleaning sets are universal. You can use them for cleaning binoculars, a telescope, microscope, spotting scope, magnifier, and glasses. Maintenance helps to extend the service life of the optics set and keep its optical capabilities at a maximum level. In this section, you will find accessories for the optics cleaning by world-famous manufacturers.

A cleaning pencil is a practical accessory for lens maintenance. Every owner of an optical tool should have one. This compact and convenient accessory will help in removing dust, dirt, and grease stains. You will be able to easily care for expensive and hi-end optics. The pencil does not damage anti-reflective and protective coatings nor does it leave any blotchiness. It has a small telescopic brush on one side and a soft cleaning pad with a cleaning solution on the other side. This way, the pencil combines a brush, spray, and cleaning wipe in one tool.

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