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There is an ample choice of monoculars made by famous brands in our online store. Monoculars are designed for observing distant objects. They share the working principle of binoculars but they only have one optical tube. Monoculars are cheaper than binoculars. Choose an optical instrument for daytime observations or studying wildlife in extreme conditions.

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Buy a high-quality monocular in our online store

This section includes monoculars that are designed by various manufacturers for all kinds of observations. A monocular is an optical tool that was created as an alternative to binoculars. In fact, it is half of binoculars – one of its optical tubes. A great advantage of a monocular is its compact and lightweight design. However, a monocular is not convenient for extended stationary observations. Meanwhile, many tourists, hunters, natural scientists, and hikers choose a monocular as a main observation tool.

The optical scheme in a monocular is the same as in binoculars. It can be either a roof or Porro scheme. Glass is usually used for the lenses and prisms, including low-dispersion glass. Budget models commonly use a multi-layer or fully multi-layer coating; premium class models use dielectric, hydrophobic, and other coatings. Most non-expensive monoculars are designed for daytime observations. More expensive models can be used for observations in low illumination conditions, e.g. twilight or a cloudy day.

Monoculars can feature different magnification power. Touristic models usually provide no more than 7x magnification, while professional monoculars can provide 20x and 30x magnification. There are monoculars with zoom objective lenses that feature variable magnification in a fixed range. Please note that high-magnification optical systems are not suitable for handheld observations. Monoculars with magnification higher than 12x can be mounted on a tripod, just like binoculars.

The Zoom’n’Joy optical equipment store also offers monoculars for demanding users: these models can be used in any weather conditions. Most world-famous brands include waterproof and nitrogen-filled monoculars in their series. These optical tools feature lenses that do not fog up during abrupt temperature changes, monocular bodies are impervious to rain or snow, and they can be used near water.

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