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A microscope is not only an instrument for professional research but also a learning method and a way to introduce kids to science. You can use a microscope at home or for professional tasks. The simplest models do not require any knowledge and include guidebooks for beginner researchers. More expensive and complicated microscopes can be used in professional laboratories in the fields of biological research, clinical diagnostics, criminal science, precise works, and more.

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Find a perfect microscope in our online store

How do you choose and purchase a microscope in an online store? Microscopes differ greatly; depending on how they deal with the tasks that they have to perform. They are divided into biological and digital models by type. When you work with a biological model, you are observing through an eyepiece, while in the digital microscope a camera replaces an eyepiece and an image appears on the computer screen.

The digital microscope can be equipped with an external or built-in camera. Biological microscopes are further divided according to the type of eyepiece into monocular, binocular, and trinocular models. In addition, they distinguish children’s, school, industrial, and laboratory microscopes. All of these types of microscopes are offered in the Zoom’n’Joy online shop.

For those looking for a microscope from a particular manufacturer, we have divided the entire assortment into sections by brands: you will be more comfortable choosing the most suitable model. We sell the following brands’ wonderful microscopes: Levenhuk, Bresser, Celestron, Delta Optical, and others. In our store, you can buy a microscope of any user level.

A complex and reputable optical tool, such as a microscope, must be equipped with modern optical elements and a durable body to ensure long life, comfortable use and sharp, and clear images. We are pleased to be able to offer amazing high-quality microscopes at the best prices. Microscope accessories include sets of microscopic specimens ranging from small (18) to large (100 pieces). In addition, they include accessories for optics cleaning: sprays, napkins, and pneumatic cleaners. Here, you will find various accessories that will allow you to use all of your microscope’s features to the fullest: eyepieces, condensers, Barlow lenses, and light sources.

To choose a microscope, select the category and model of the microscope. You can also select several models from different categories. Choosing and buying a microscope in the Zoom’n’Joy online store is easy and convenient.

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