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Magnifiers come in handy for a wide range of precise works. Here, you can choose a proper magnifier for any activity. A handheld optical magnifier is suitable for reading small font text. Headband magnifiers are indispensable for repair works. You will also find digital, pocket and table magnifiers, and models with LED illumination in our online store.

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All types of magnifiers are available in the Zoom’n’Joy online store

There are many different types of magnifiers. Leading global manufacturers of optical equipment are constantly expanding the functionality of these tools. Companies such as Levenhuk, Bresser, Eschenbach, and others use the latest achievements of modern technologies for producing magnifying glasses. In the Zoom’n’Joy optics store, you can buy magnifiers by each of these brands. The online store range includes many models of magnifiers with a wide range of applications.

Choose a magnifying glass in the online store according to your preferences

Before buying a magnifying glass, think about what you will use it for. A magnifier with a handle is an excellent choice for short-term observing of small objects and reading short texts. During the observation, the magnifying glass is held in the hands, and the lenses of large diameter and high magnification enable you to see many small details of each object.

Folding magnifiers are useful for travelers. They are lightweight and easily fit in your pocket or a handbag. The magnification range of these optical instruments can be up to 40x. Magnifiers mounted on tripods or desk magnifiers are irreplaceable instruments for those who work with small items, do soldering, needlework, or repair watches or jewelry. These magnifiers feature a comfortable and solid design, high-quality lenses with a large diameter and a wide magnification range. Many models are equipped with built-in illumination. Head magnifiers will become great assistants for jewelers and collectors. They are comfortable to wear when performing precision work. Many models are equipped with sets of interchangeable lenses, allowing for a wide range of zooming. Buy a magnifier in our shop for needlework or repair works.

We made buying the magnifying glass in our online store easy and convenient. Select the appropriate parameters in the filters, compare the models you like, and add the best to the cart. Then, place an order using a standard form. Shipments can be delivered to the address indicated or collection points. Whether you need a magnifying glass for reading, handicraft, small damage testing, art and jewelry estimation, repairing, or folding large models – Zoom’n’Joy online store offers high quality magnifiers at affordable prices.

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