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Both kids and adults will love educational sets. Kids will be encouraged to conceive a complicated world of science as an interesting and entertaining game. We offer sets in different fields of science: physics, biology, chemistry, mechanics, astronomy, and more. All of the sets are completely safe and easy-to-use. Conduct experiments together, grow plants, and learn more about the world around us.

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We offer a wide range of educational experiment sets for kids

How to introduce science to a kid? What present to choose for a young curious scientist? Where can I buy an entertaining set of optics for a kid or a teenager? The Zoom’n’Joy online store introduces educational sets of optical instruments. They are created to encourage young scientists to explore the world around them. We offer educational experiment sets for kids by famous manufacturers. Levenhuk LabZZ MT2 Microscope and Telescope Kit contains perfect first optical instruments for a child. A young explorer will learn the basic knowledge of microscopy and astronomy. This set includes a microscope and telescope and all of the necessary accessories to start experiments immediately.

These instruments spark interest in science! A child will enjoy looking for star clusters and the planets on the Solar system through a telescope or examining tiny pieces of leaves or fur in a microscope. You can even try preparing your own microscope slides together. Levenhuk LabZZ Tellurion is an amazing display model of the rotation of the earth and moon around the sun. It helps a child to understand why day comes after night and how seasons change. In this section, you can buy experiment sets for outdoor use as well by Levenhuk and Bresser. It is pure fun for kids to feel like explorers with multifunctional sets of optical tools and various accessories.

Kids will love exploring the sophisticated world of science with educational sets. In our catalog, you will find experiment kits in various scientific fields for kids of all ages. These sets will engage young explorers for a long time and bring them lots of joy. The Zoom’n’Joy online store offers a rich selection of optics and other products for kids. On our website, you will find excellent telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, knowledge books, and accessories designed especially for kids. They combine high-quality optical elements and attractive bright design. Enjoy shopping in our online store!

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