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Today, many big city dwellers get into tourism. In any large store, you can buy a compass, tent, sleeping bag, and basically anything for active leisure time in the country. A classic compass is a reliable tool for orienting. It will never let you down, as it does not depend on batteries or a satellite signal. There is a variety of compasses in our online store.

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Buy a precise, practical compass in the online store

Tourist compasses: prices, descriptions, and features.

Which compass should you buy? In our online store, you can buy a tourist compass according to your taste and tasks. In order to navigate the map and master the main features of a device, even a kids’ compass will be useful – besides, the price of these models is usually affordable. A compass in a durable metal body will be a little higher, but such model is more practical and reliable. This device will not break on the way somewhere. A floating dial scale is equipped with a magnifier. This liquid compass can be an excellent gift for a camping enthusiast or traveler.

You can also purchase a liquid Levenhuk DC65 Compass. This more practical model has a sighting slot that allows for precise orienteering. A magnetic needle is in a capsule filled with liquid and hermetically sealed. These compasses are the most precise and reliable. Moreover, a magnetic needle dies out very quickly, which is also practical. Therefore, experienced travelers often prefer to use liquid compasses.

If you are ready to buy a more expensive compass than standard models, check out digital instruments. Usually, such models comprise options of a compass, watches, GPS navigator, and weather sensor. Additional options influence the price of a compass. In our online store, you can choose a tourist compass that will be useful in any situation. There is a wide range of compasses at affordable prices in our store.

Make sure to check other sections of our online store. We offer amazing telescopes, microscopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, monoculars, and other optical equipment by world-famous brands. Users of all ages and user levels can find a suitable optical tool for work, studies, or hobby. Explore the starry sky or examine tiny details of the world around you. There are plenty of optical accessories as well. You will find all of the necessary optics cleaning tools, additional lenses, and educational literature. There are also special series of optical instruments for kids.

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