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Bresser National Geographic

Optical and electronic instruments in this series are designed according to a joint project by the National Geographic scientific and educational organizations and Bresser, a German manufacturer of optical instruments. The Bresser company was chosen for cooperation due to high quality of products, brand awareness, and popularity on the market of optical products. This product line includes not only optical instruments, such as telescopes and binoculars, but also weather stations, radio, batteries, magnifiers, and more.

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Bresser National Geographic series

Optical and electronic equipment in the Bresser National Geographic series are designed in collaboration between a scientific and educational organization, National Geographic, and Bresser company, a German manufacturer of optical tools. The product line includes not only optical instruments, such as telescopes and binoculars, but also various other appliances, including weather stations, radio, charging devices, magnifiers, etc.

Collaborative developments of Bresser and National Geographic include a variety of modern devices for exploring the world around us. Bresser National Geographic microscopes will give you an opportunity to discover the wonderful micro world. The product range includes microscopes designed especially for kids, and microscopes for studies and as a hobby. Each of the series includes digital and biological models as well. Dream of observing the planets of the solar system, stars, and nebulae? Enjoy a magnificent view of the night sky with high-quality Bresser National Geographic telescopes. Make sure to check a ‘Telescopes’ section and choose an appropriate model.

Take Bresser National Geographic binoculars on a hiking trip or city tour to a seacoast or field observations. They perform great in any weather and deliver sharp and clear views. Choose your favorite model in a rich choice of binoculars. National Geographic monoculars allow for observing at any time of day or night. These compact and lightweight optical tools are the most suitable for observing landscapes or urban architecture.

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