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Present an astroplanetarium to a kid who enjoys observing the night sky. The beauty of the starry sky also impresses adults, that is why it will be a perfect gift for their parents as well. This device has a working principle of a projector. All you have to do is to point it toward a light surface, ceiling, or wall will do. Built-in engines rotate this device imitating the rotation of the celestial sphere, and also the program can project shooting stars. Observe the stars even on a cloudy day!

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Astroplanetarium is a thousand constellations above your head!

The night sky has intrigued people for ages. It inspired inventors to create a personal household planetarium. This device has a working principle of a projector. You only need to point it at a light monotone surface such as a wall or ceiling. Built-in drivers rotate this device, imitating rotation of a celestial sphere. The program can even imitate shooting stars. You can buy a household planetarium as a gift for a son or daughter. A kid will be able to watch stars even when the sky is cloudy. An astroplanetarium will be of interest not only for a kid, but also for the whole family. There are also digital versions of household planetariums. With programs installed in digital planetariums, you can travel around the universe and learn a lot about planets and stars.

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