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An action camera is a small and lightweight digital camera that is ideal for recording videos and photos of fast-moving scenes. It is perfect for shooting extreme sports, underwater, skydiving, and motorcycle and car races. You can fix a compact camera onto almost any surface. Action cameras allow for recording videos in different modes and taking a series of photos. Advanced models feature wireless data transfer via Wi-Fi and provide image quality of 4K resolution. This section also includes dashboard cameras.

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The Zoom’n’Joy offers a selection of the best action cameras. These compact devices allow for capturing images and recording videos in motion. Many enthusiasts of surfing, snowboarding, or bungee jumping buy an action camera, which becomes their invaluable assistant. It provides you with an opportunity to watch records at home, relive exciting moments again, and share them with your friends and family. It is also a great gadget to take with you on a journey wherever you go.

The main advantage of an action camera is a compact and lightweight design. It will not burden you and saves all the important moments. Most action cameras come in waterproof housings that protect the devices from rain or snow. You can use a waterproof action camera when doing water sports as well. What’s more, some models can even work underwater up to 30m deep. Action cameras feature different angles of view: 140°, 360°, or even 720°. When you use a camera with a wide field of view, you get breathtaking images and videos as you can see much more and create a presence effect. Cameras with a Wi-Fi option help to quickly transmit images and videos to a computer or smartphone.

You can choose a suitable model according to your personal preferences in a wide price range. Prices on action cameras depend mainly on their specifications. Advanced action cameras that feature the widest angle of view, ultimate image quality, and live streaming mode come at a higher price. Meanwhile, models with a standard set of options come at more affordable prices. In this section, you will also find dashboard cameras.

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